About WOD Generator

WOD Generator App is an application created by Cavemantraining. The app has two main functions, one is the random WOD creator and generating WODs by movement, equipment, training type, etc., and the other is the full-fledged workout of the day online session planner.

On our website you can:

  • find yourself a random WOD; or
  • find a WOD by category; or
  • create your own WOD

Here are some of the generators you can expect on our website soon:

The website is for Crossfitters and box owners. If you’re a CrossFit trainer who creates their own programming, this website is your one and only tool. You can create and plan your daily sessions online and then send it to your phone as a pre-programmed timer which you run with our Workout Timer App.

Are You a CrossFit Box Owner?

Contact us for bulk discounts on our workout timer installation so you can let your clients also run the app during your programmed session or let them run it in their own time. You can pre-program your session and simply share it with your clients.