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First Name: Mark Anjelo
Last Name: Maico
Make name public: Yes
Make email public: Yes
Bio: Crossfit Level 2 Certified

Crossfit Scaling Certified

Bootcamp Trainer

Type(s): AMRAP
Goal(s): Endurance strength training
Equipment: Dumbbell
Workout name: Dead Man Walking
Discuss on Facebook: Yes
Number of task(s): 1
Skill level(s): Beginner to intermediate
Workout description: Upside Down Pyramid

Men 50lbs/ Women 35lbs


Farmers Carries(10 meter)

Strict Press

Air Squats

Scaling: Men 35lbs/ Women 20lbs10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Farmers Carries (5 meters)
Push Press
Air Squats
Public note(s): Warmup:
The Bergerner’s Warm-up with PVC
Good morning PVC
Duck Walks
Private note(s): Time spent to finish the workout as fast as possible with great movement will show the athletes level.


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