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Kettlebell Exercises For Your WODs

Kettlebell exercises are some of the best exercises you can include in your WODs. Kettlebells are extremely versatile if you compare them to the dumbbell, the dumbbell wins when it comes to a low learning curve. The kettlebell wins...
What are wod exercises?

What Are The Best WOD Exercises?

Truth be told, any exercise that hits one of the following is good to include in WODs and there are not many exercises which aren't good to include in your WODs: Strength Power Flexibility When we're talking WOD, we're talking about...


What is a ROMWOD?

What is a ROMWOD? What does ROMWOD stand for?

A ROMWOD is a workout of the day (WOD) with the focus being on improving the range of motion (ROM) of the athlete. ROMWOD...

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