What is a Chipper WOD?

What is a chipper workout?


A Chipper WOD is a workout that consists of several tasks that need to be completed, you need to keep chipping at each task to get it off your list and move on to the next one. Keep chipping at it till your done!

An example of a chipper WOD is:

  1. 50 burpees
  2. 50 kettlebell swings
  3. 50 squat snatch

You need to complete this workout FOR TIME and you’ll keep chipping at the reps till you completed all of them.

You have individual chipper WODs, partner WOD chippers, and team WOD chippers. You could do the above chipper WOD with a partner, it could be where one partner completes 5 reps and then the other goes (turns it into interval training), or each athlete performs the max they can do before they switch. You can also do a chipper WOD with a team, those not performing the main task could be in a plank or performing something else to keep them active, or each team member can pick a part of the task and the whole as a unit work to complete the tasks in one go.


High reps and endurance

Chipper WODS will generally consist out of high reps which will test your endurance.


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