CrossFit Terminology Explained


Following are common terms, acronyms, and abbreviations frequently used in CrossFit and CrossFit programming.

  1. CF
  2. WOD
  3. WODS
  4. Task
  5. Tasks
  9. Box
  10. PB
  11. KB
  12. PD
  13. DB
  14. BB
  15. EMOM
  16. METCON
  17. STOH
  18. OH
  19. RFT
  20. RX
  21. RX’D
  22. ATG
  23. BP
  24. BW
  25. DL
  26. TTB
  27. KTE
  28. MU
  29. TGU
  30. HSPU
  31. SQ
  32. SN
  33. SET
  34. GHD
  35. SDHP
  36. C2
What does CF mean?
CF is the acronym for CrossFit
What does WOD mean?
WOD is an acronym for Workout Of the Day
What does WODS mean?
WODS is the plural for WOD
What does Task mean?
A task is a part of the WOD that needs to be completed
What does Tasks mean?
Tasks are many parts in a WOD that need to be completed
What does FOR LOAD mean?
To complete a WOD task with maximum load
What does FOR TIME mean?
To complete a WOD task in the fastest time possible
What does FOR REPS mean?
To complete a WOD task with the maximum reps possible
What does Box mean?
A box is a gym in which WODS are run
What does PB mean?
A PB is an acronym for personal best which is a record you personally have in a certain exercise
What does KB mean?
KB is an acronym for kettlebell
What does PD mean?
PD is an abbreviation for pood which a Russian weight measure for the kettlebell
What does DB mean?
DB is an acronym for dumbbell
What does BB mean?
A BB is an acronym for barbell
What does EMOM mean?
EMOM is an acronym for every minute on the minute which means to perform a task every minute on the minute for as long as set out
What does METCON mean?
METCON is an abbreviation for metabolic condition
What does STOH mean?
STOH is an acronym for shoulder to overhead meaning to bring the equipment from shoulder to overhead in anyway possible
What does OH mean?
OH is an acronym for overhead meaning to keep/bring the equipment to overhead
What does RFT mean?
RFT is an acronym for rounds for time
What does RX mean?
RX is an abbreviation of Latin recipe which in our case means prescribed
What does RX’D mean?
RX’D means to have completed the WOD as was prescribed without adjustments
What does RM mean?
RM is an acronym for repetition max and usually preceded by a number
What does ATG mean?
ATG is an acronym for ass to grass which means the squat needs to go as low as you can
What does PC mean?
PC is an acronym for barbell power clean
What does BP mean?
BP is an acronym for barbell bench press
What does BW mean?
BW is an acronym for bodyweight
What does DL mean?
DL is an acronym for deadlift
What does TTB mean?
TTB is an acronym for toes to bar
What does KTE mean?
KTE is an acronym for knees to elbows which is an alternative or progression to toes to bar
What does MU mean?
MU is an acronym for muscle ups
What does TGU mean?
TGU is an acronym for Turkish get-up
What does HSPU mean?
HSPU is an acronym for handstand push-up
What does SQ mean?
SQ is an acronym for squat
What does SN mean?
SN is an acronym for snatch
What does SET mean?
SET means a number of repetitions
What does GHD mean?
GHD is an acronym for glute hamstring developer which is a piece of equipment that works the posterior chain muscles
What does SDHP mean?
SDHP is an acronym for sumo deadlift high pull
What does C2 mean?
C2 is an abbreviation for concept II rowing machine



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