This WOD has been submitted through the program we run in the CrossFit WOD and Programming group on Facebook. This WOD is open for constructive feedback. Please use the comments at the bottom of this page or use the Facebook link here (approved membership required to view) to provide your feedback as a coach.

First Name: Jason
Last Name: Howell
Make name public: Yes
User id: 6
Type(s): EMOM
Goal(s): Strength
Equipment: Kettlebell
Discuss on Facebook: Yes
Number of task(s): 3
Skill level(s): Intermediate
Workout description: Warm up:  10 minute

row 250m easy pace.

10 inch worm push ups.

10 good mornings (band or barbell).

Row 250m medium pace

20 walking lunge

20 pvc sotts press

250m row hard

10 KB deadlift

20 KB swing.

Instruction 20 min

prep/set up 5 min

WOD:  EMOM 16 min

5kb snatch

5kb clean and press

weights 1.5/1.0 pood

cool down: 10 min

Scaling: Scale load as necessary. Should be heavy but able to go unbroken on first three sets.


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