Mike Blacksz 11012019


This WOD has been submitted through the program we run in the CrossFit WOD and Programming group on Facebook. This WOD is open for constructive feedback. Please use the comments at the bottom of this page or use the Facebook link here (approved membership required to view) to provide your feedback as a coach.

First Name: Mike
Last Name: Blacksz
Make name public: Yes
Type(s): EMOM
Goal(s): Endurance, Endurance strength training
Equipment: Barbell, Pull-up bar
Discuss on Facebook: Yes
Number of task(s): 2
Skill level(s): Beginner to intermediate, Intermediate to advanced
Workout description: 10 min Warm-up:
With a wooden stick loosen up the shoulders. Free stretching. Use a foam roller to loosen the back and neck.

14 min alternating EMOM (strength)

Odd; 5 Strict Pullup
Even: 5 Strict Handstand Pushup

4 min rest

16 min AMRAP (Endurance)

– 5 Push Press men 60kg / women 40kg

Р10 Kipping Pullup

– 15 Hand-release Push-up

Scaling: If you can’t do a proper strict pullup, perform a jumping pullup.
For the HSPU perform 5 wall walks
Choose weight according to your lvl


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