What does EMOM mean?


EMOM is a form of interval training, work and rest, with EMOM the amount of rest you get depends on how fast you complete the task at hand. For example, if the EMOM is 8 burpees for 6 minutes, that means that every minute you perform 8 burpees. If you perform those burpees in 45 seconds, you will have 15 seconds to rest before the next minute starts, if on the other hand, you finish it in 55 seconds or not at all, you get no rest. Personally, I like to adjust the reps for the athlete when that happens.

EMOM is an acronym for Every Minute On the Minute. Some examples of EMOM WODS are as follows.

Thursday 180816
Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes perform:

  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 squats

WOD 100420

Clean: One rep every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.



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