What is a WOD? What does WOD mean in CrossFit?

In CrossFit, a WOD is one of the daily CrossFit workouts and means Workout Of the Day. Each day CrossFit brings out a new workout programmed with rest days.

Outside of CrossFit, the term WOD is used to refer to what used to be known as a plain good ol’ workout. However, if you’re not programming a new workout every day of the year then it’s not ‘really’ a WOD. Call it what you want. The key is to keep it always fresh and unique and you’ll be fine.

WODs are generally not repeated. However, you do repeat benchmark WODs to see how you compare to the old you, how much you progressed, and you compare to others etc. This does not mean that you can’t repeat an awesome WOD that’s not a benchmark workout.

Here on WOD Generator, we have plenty of WODs available, some are unique to Cavemantraining, others are from CrossFit, and there are also those submitted by the public. If you’re a qualified trainer and would like to see your uniquely generated WODs on our website, please contact us.